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Firewrap Insulation

FyreWrap® is a foil-faced, fire protection wrap/blanket designed to provide fire rating to ducts, kitchen exhausts, smoke spill systems, penetration seals, structural steel elements. Also provides insulation against metallic penetrations of plasterboard, concrete and masonry walls and floors. For use on services including steel, copper and brass pipes, pipe with combustible insulation, cables with and without cable trays.

Maxlite Fire Rated Board

MAXILITE™ is a lightweight, high performance fire rated board. Due to the lightweight construction of the board, MAXILITE™ is easy to handle and work with, ensuring quick on-site installation, whilst retaining suitable fire performance. MAXILITE™ is suitable for applications such as bulkeads, protection of structural steel, service penetrations where fire protection and fire stopping is required.


Fyrebox® is an intumescent type product designed to prevent the spread of fire through service penetrations. Fyrebox® is suitable for use in any building where penetrations are made through walls, floors and ceilings for services such as electrical, data and communication cables, cable trays, metal pipes, insulated copper pipes and plastic conduits.

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